About Us

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In March 2017, Rebel Supreme was established with the vision of making bad-ass finery more accessible to the risk takers, the fearless, the true rebels of our time.


Founded in Amsterdam, Netherlands, by a small close knit crew, we took our inspiration from the wild ones, legends of rock; true eccentric badasses who wore all sorts of rings, pendants, and talismans with pride.


We are rebels by nature, and it is with this passion, effort and love that every piece is forged; our craftsmen imbue a piece of themselves into each unique design. Our goal is to make jewelry that stands out, something that gets noticed and acts as a magnet to people’s eyes. Each sterling silver ring, pendant and bracelet is designed in Amsterdam, Netherlands and hand-carved in Bali by master silversmiths.


Our hope is that when you first place one of our rings on your finger, or a pendant around your neck, you feel stronger; a bigger bad-ass than before.


We guarantee that each and every item in our collection is special and one of a kind, no two rings, or pendants, are made the same.


~ Much Love

Rebel Supreme team.